Community Partner Memberships

Terms and Conditions

I understand that the Community Partner Unlimited Membership is valid for veterans, active duty military personnel, first responders, teachers and school staff, and full-time, active members of service-focused non-profit organizations located in the communities where Suds Deluxe Car Wash operates only.

I understand that I must provide a form of verification in my application that verifies my eligibility for this membership, and Suds Deluxe Car Wash has the right to determine whether or not I qualify for the membership.

I understand that Suds Deluxe Car Wash may reach out to my employer or organization to verify my work or membership status at any time.

I understand Suds Deluxe Car Wash may cancel my membership at any time if they have reason to believe that I no longer meet the membership eligibility requirements.

I authorize Suds Deluxe Car Wash to charge my credit card every month on the anniversary date of today’s purchase.

I understand that Suds Deluxe Car Wash is guaranteeing the discounted rate of $15.00/month for the Sudsy Special unlimited membership plan for a minimum of 12 months.

I understand that this automatic monthly recharge will remain active until I submit a cancellation request through the cancellation form on our website, and that requests must be received with seven days’ written notice prior to billing. No refunds or credits will be given for partial periods.

I understand that Suds Deluxe Car Wash may cancel this membership at any time. Rates, and terms and conditions are subject to change.

I understand that this plan is for ONE vehicle only and the discounted rate of $15.00/month only applies to my first vehicle. Any additional vehicles that I add to my account will be $29.99/month.

The use of this membership is available during normal business hours. We reserve the right to close stores and/or modify hours due to inclement weather, equipment maintenance, or special events.